Leather Cleaning Time With Rice

Leather Cleaning – Rice is the main food needs in human life. Every day we consume rice. When you cook your own rice at home certainly never experienced where rice was left at night so it is used for animal feed or discarded.

If your home happens to rice in the remaining lot, do not throw away because you can still use it to clean the skin with a step – the following simple steps:

Jemurlah leftover rice into rice to dry (parched rice)
The rice was dry roasted until smooth and store in a sealed container, dry
If you want a shower, take collision rice is toasted to taste and mix dengna tamarind water to taste
Rub the mixture all over the body, especially in areas that tend to crease blackened
Rinse and shower as usual, then you will get the skin smooth and slick

How to Make a Good Scrub Natural Skin

Skin Care – Want to have a healthy and attractive skin is not always mandatory to buy a wide – range of beauty products that are expensive because you were able to make with ingredients – natural ingredients that you often come across every – day, one of them is Scrub. You may recognize facial scrub as cleaning agents used to dislodge cells – dead skin cells mixed with dirt debris that has accumulated in pores – pore facial. Yes, it can make a scrub facial skin to appear brighter and cleaner.

make scrubPada this article will discuss how to create a natural scrub for the body is good for the skin. Certainly a bit different from a facial scrub, therefore you need to first understand your skin type before determining scrub you want to use. Skin sensitivity everyone is different from each other. There were susceptible to irritation because it is too sensitive. If your skin is sensitive type, it is better to choose the type scrub with fine granules, while in parts – certain parts such as the soles of the feet and other hard parts such as knees, elbows, shoulders could use a more coarse-grained scrub as well, but make sure that there rubbing too hard.

Scrub products are sold in stores – stores cosmetics / beauty does have an interesting scent, but sometimes have side effects because the ingredients – chemicals he used. You can make a scrub with ingredients – natural products as done by people – people in the ancient times. Women at the time the palace has a quality skin smooth and charming. Materials such as coffee, sugar, grain (oats), brown sugar, salt is a recipe to make a natural scrub for the body.
Making Natural Scrub For Oily Skin

As we mentioned earlier, that you need to know your skin type, of course materials used for different oily skin or oily skin. We start from oily skin.
How to Make Natural Scrub With Salts

The main ingredient to make it is to use yogurt mixed with one of the previously mentioned materials. If your skin is often oily, do not use scrubs which will actually make it more oily like coffee or sugar, brown sugar. Use salt or grain (oat cereal), then mix with the yogurt, lemon juice and other ingredients that are liquid softener.